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  • Percy Hogan | Roe, Ar. | 870-659-6769

  • Mike Wood | Lonoke, Ar. | 501-580-0233

  • We offer appliance removal and metal disposal 7 days a week
    Let us help you get rid of your unwanted appliances fast & cost free
    We specialize in free appliance removal & More
    If you are tired of paying for junk removal call Junk Haulers

    Junk Haulers is a group of Haulers for your specific area.
    To be listed on this site, haulers must be in good standing to remain on the list.
    We always want to strive to make this experence as trouble free as possible for the home or business owner/s.
    We always encourge feedback as to how the service was carried out.
    Feedback good or bad can be left on our contact form.
    Also please report any kind of complaint if you encounter any.
    Hopefully you never will.

    Is Everything We Do  Free Of Charge

    Free Appliance Removal, Disposing of old Refrigerators
    Old Ac Units hauled, Washer Disposal, Anything Metal Disposal,
    Junk Pickup, Appliance Removal, Free Scrap Metal Removal,
    Water Heater Recycling, Junk Removal, Disposal,
    Free Junk Removal, Metal Removal, Scrap tin hauling
    Electronics Recycling, Free Junk Car Removal ,Scrap Pick Up
    Refrigerator Disposal, Business Junk Removal, Junk Man
    Free Metal Pickup , Unwanted Appliances, Refrigerator Recycle
    Battery Disposal,Recycling Battery,Old Microwave Disposal
    Washer And Dryer Removal,Freezer Disposal
    Broken Appliances,Washing Machine Disposal & More

    Please feel free to call us for more info on what we remove for free
    Call us or use our contact form

    NOT  Free Of Charge

    Additonal cleanup of the area requested that is going to cost us.
    Complete building teardown and trash removal.
    This will always be addressed beforehand.We don't want any suprises.

    If you are a Hauler and want to be listed here. Contact us.

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